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Audio Simulation Solutions
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LaAvenida Facility - Jul 1, 2016, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM consolidates to a new facility on the Google campus at 1110 LaAvenida, Suite C in Mountain View.  AuSIM continues to share the facility with Fakespace Labs.  ...  LEARN MORE  DIRECTIONS
Vectsonic in the news - May, 2011, Rolla, MO -- AuSIM's Vectsonic™ 3D loudspeaker array technology is featured in several articles about the Missouri Univer­sity of Science & Technology instal­lation.  ...  AP  TECHCRUNCH  WIRED  LEARN MORE 
Wireless Tracked Laser Gun - Feb 17, 2011, Mtn. View, CA -- AuSIM releases its wireless, tracked laser gun product "aTShooter", integrating Hillcrest's Freespace inertial tracker and Natural Point's Optitrack optical IR tracker with a hybrid solution.  ...  LEARN MORE
MS&T Vectsonic Training Simulator - Nov 12, 2010, Rolla, MO -- AuSIM's Vectsonic™ 64-node 3D loudspeaker array system drives an immersive training simulator at the Missouri University of Science & Technology.  ...  LEARN MORE
ARL EAR Completion - Apr 1, 2010, Aberdeen, MD -- AuSIM completes the system installation for the US Army Research Laboratory's world-class Environ­ment for Auditory Research (EAR) auditory perception facility.  ...  LEARN MORE  EAR HANDOUT 
PromptResponse - Feb 5, 2010, Palo Alto, CA -- AuSIM announces the first release of PromptResponse software for human subject researchers.  ...  LEARN MORE
NASA LaRC EER Completion Oct 13, 2009, Hampton, VA -- AuSIM's Vectsonic™ 31-node 3D loudspeaker array embellishes of freshly refurbished Exterior Effects Room at NASA Langley Research Center.  ...  LEARN MORE
CalVal - Summer, 2009, Palo Alto, CA -- AuSIM announces the first release of "CalVal", its auto­mated software for calibrating and validating multi-node loudspeaker and microphone systems.  ...  LEARN MORE
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  AuSIM provides audio simulation solutions that restore the realism of reproduced sounds for enhanced perception.  AuSIM's technology simulates the propagation of sounds through an environment, so the resulting audio sounds like it actually traveled through and interacted with a designed environment. 

Human Auditory Perception
The under-utilized human auditory system is more capable than most people recognize.  Sound propagating through the physical world to a listener's ears adopts an aural signature.  Humans perceive these signatures and create a mental image of the environment that allows them to discriminate independently originating sounds.  Humans do this effectively in noisy restaurants and lobbies, tuning into desired sound and tuning out noise, a perceptual phenomenon called the "cocktail-party effect". 

The Problem
Conventional electronic recording, transmission, and reproduction of sound strips it of all coloration that it would have picked up traversing an environment.  Such coloration includes valuable cues to direction of origin, primary propagation direction, proximity, velocity, and others.  AuSIM3D® simulation technology synthesizes and preserves these perceptual cues.

Applied to real-world problems, AuSIM3D® helps:

  • Reduce fatigue with naturally-presented information.
  • Maintain more efficient and productive workers.
  • Increase accuracy and quality of listener's work and yield fewer critical and costly mistakes.
  • Let listeners make better, cost-effective decisions.
    ...  LEARN MORE
AuSIM3D® Applications
AuSIM is focused on "mission-critical" applications in which complet­ing tasks more efficiently and effectively creates an economic or tactical advantage.  In mission-critical applications, operators are presented information such as alerting data, images, voices, vibra­tions, and sounds that must be perceived effectively for optimal decision making. 

AuSIM applications are everywhere

  • The audio engineer can place sound into a video so that it is perceived correctly in the scene, conveying the information more quickly and creating a more effective presentation. 
  • The driver´s education student can learn to react to realistic sound events in a simulator, putting fewer people at risk during the learning and creating a driver who is prepared to encounter the real situation. 
  • With AuSIM improvements in aural displays, the fighter pilot can naturally react to the sound of threats from behind and below, saving lives and resources. 
  • Air-traffic controllers can recognize pilots by coincident position of voice and radar indication, increasing efficiency and reducing fatigue.
  • Teleconferences with spatially consistent voices can be more natural and more efficient. 
AuSIM Customers
Developers of these types of applications, who are looking for a competitive edge, are AuSIM customers.  AuSIM3D® provides the tools and interfaces that developers need to create a believable sound environment.  NASA, the US Navy, Army, and Air Force, leading universities, and forward-looking companies have taken the AuSIM step towards developing next-generation applications.
Utilities, drivers, tools, literature, development kits
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Team Communications
When more than 2 members of a distrib­uted team must vocally interact on the phone, radio, or internet, the convers­ation is greatly impeded as compared to when they are physically together.  Each voice is perceived to be coincident with the other and difficult to distinguish, especially if they attempt to talk at the same time.  ...  LEARN MORE
Aural Information Display
The information age has been upon us and is saturating us with data.  The visual senses are overloaded and inappropriate for temporal information.  Use your ears to monitor multiple information streams and direct the attention of your eyes appropriately. ...  LEARN MORE
Engineering Simulation
Structural acoustics, architectural design, forensics, environmental acoustics, and many other fields have computed or pro­jected sound and noise effects for many years, but the proof to the customer is "What does it sound like?"  AuSIM3D® is the most advanced, physics-based real-time sound propagation model available. ...  LEARN MORE
Simulation-based Training
Training for environments that are physically-diffucult to reproduce or tasks where failure may be harmful?  Sound is the often first clue to a problem, commanding additional attention.  Get the sound right, and the training better translates to the real- ...  LEARN MORE
Location-Based Entertainment
Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) has been a major entertainment market segment for centuries, as it includes world fairs, theme parks, casinos, laser tag, and arcades of all types.  LBE is differentiated by the fidelity ...  LEARN MORE 
Media Production
Adding much more sound positioning precision than surround sound, AuSIM3D® technology tools can help create much more compelling content more easily for production of Advertising (TV/Radio), Film, Music, and multi-media presentations of all types. Audio/Video 3D correlation tools can save time and money in production.
Basic Research
AuSIM provides the most flexible, expandable 3D audio simulation development systems for research in Psycho-Acoustics, Human Perception, Learning Processes, Performance Enhancement, ...  LEARN MORE 
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