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Research, engineering, development, and maintenance  
AuSIM offers a variety of services ensure that audio simulation technology is fully exploited to meet the customer's needs. These services include:

Sponsored Research Performing research on behalf of a third-party entity (sponsor). This research can explore existing methods, develop new methods, or determine the feasibility of an unproven method ... LEARN MORE
Application Development The most common AuSIM service is the development of customer-specific applications to deliver AuSIM3Dtm results within the customer's requirements. Application development closely supports AuSIM system sales to customers that 1) do not have available in-house application developers, or 2) need the experience of AuSIM's development team to optimally find a solution, or 3) find the economics of AuSIM's development experience to be advantageous.
Contract Engineering Work for hire to a third-party entity on a contract basis. AuSIM's contract projects in the past have satisfied a variety of customer needs. Some projects have directly extended core AuSIM products and technologies for a specific customer application need. Other projects have been unrelated to AuSIM projects and technology, but have leveraged specific AuSIM core competencies such as real-time digital audio signal processing.
HRTF Measurement AuSIM provides the service of Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) measurement and HRTF dataset conversion to any and all interested parties. Measurements can be taken at AuSIM's facility, or in any facility in any location that is appropriate for HeadZap, AuSIM's system for measuring spherical maps of HRTF's.

HeadZap was specifically designed to effectively operate in regular office environments of appropriate size. A version of HeadZap is designed to be portable and setup in less than an hour's time. HRTF measurements are free of charge at AuSIM's facility when the subject of the measurements releases their data for AuSIM's non-exclusive use. All other HRTF and acoustic measurements are invoiced at the prevailing engineering rate.
Maintenance AuSIM provides full and partial maintenance service contracts for all of its products and licenses. Maintenance may be bought in a time-limit package or ala carte as required.
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