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AuSIM3D Vectsonic
3D Loudspeaker Array Display
AuSIM3D® Vectsonic™ is a loudspeaker array display technology option for AuSIM's audio simulation engine. 
Historically, AuSIM3D® supported only binaural headphone displays with a multiplicity of Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) mappings from respective sound source bearings mixed to LEFT and RIGHT output channels.  Vectsonic extends AuSIM3D to support more complex transfer functions with any number of sinks (output channels). 

N-Sink Runtime Processing
For run-time processing, the AuSIM3D engine was simply extended to handle N-sinks, as requested in the loaded Acoustic Head Map (AHM).  Each AHM file describes how a particular listener is to receive signals originating from particular sound source bearings.  Historically, AHM's were binaural and used an HRTF to describe the mapping from bearing to LEFT and RIGHT sinks.  Vectsonic AHM's describe the mapping from sound source bearings to a set number of sinks. 

Vectsonic Software
AuSIM has developed a three-module Matlab-based toolset to support Vectsonic.  The first module manages loudspeaker geometry.  The second module defines the 3D mappings from source bearings to sinks.  The third module verifies a loudspeaker array to be still in calibration relative to a previously defined Vectsonic AHM.  Additionally, AuSIM's AHMTools have been extended to support multi-sink AHM's and VBAP mappings. 

Vector-Based Amplitude Panning
The simplest mapping from source to sink is a gain scaling, affecting only the relative amplitude among a set of sinks.  With this scenario, signal phase and signal color is not altered.  A popular gain-only mapping for 3D loudspeaker arrays is Vector-Based Amplitude Panning (VBAP).  VBAP was developed in Finland by Ville Pulkki as a sound display solution for CAVE's. 

Normally VBAP is computed in real-time for each sound source.  However, for AuSIM3D Vectsonic, VBAP is pre-computed into a multi-sink AHM file.  AuSIM3D Vectsonic is not limited to VBAP mappings, but currently a derivation of VBAP is the only mapping choice within the VectsonicTools

More Information
Vectsonic Overview  A five-page white paper detailing public information about Vectsonic technology. 
PDF (230 KB)
Vectsonic Software Details about the Vectsonic specific software modules. 
Vectsonic for CAVE's Information for CAVE owners looking for a great sound display. 
Vectsonic Installations Detail about several current Vectsonic installations across the USA. 
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