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Auralization of Acoustic Simulation
Structural acoustics, architectural design, forensics, environmental acoustics, and many other fields have computed or pro­jected sound and noise effects for many years, usually generating in a numerical result.  But what does this mean to the customer?  Is 30dB down in the 5th octave really audible in the given context?  Generating real sound signals that accurately approximate the sound entering a listener's ears in the projected environment is evidence any customer can relate to.  Further, synthesizing those signals in real-time, reacting to interactions in the environment as well as the listener's own physical movement will immerse the listener in the virtual environment. 

AuSIM3D® is the most advanced, real-time sound propagation engine using physics-based models.  Sample application:
       NASA's Community Noise Test Environment
       AIAA Paper 2005   NASA Tech Report 2008
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