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The AuSIM3D® technology has a broad array of viable uses in the military, industrial, and consumer worlds.  These have been coarsely divided into six generalized categories. 

Aural Information Display AuSIM3D increases information bandwidth and situational awareness while reducing visual information overload. Transient irregularities that can be difficult to spot visually are much more noticeable when auralized, because we can hear in all directions at once. Positional aural displays are important upgrades for Flight Cockpit, Air Traffic Control, Auto Displays, Sonar Displays, Dismounted Warfighters, 911 Operators, Dispatchers, Dismounted Warfighters, Cellular Phones ... LEARN MORE
Team Communications Bring clarity and organization to your headphone presentation with audio simulation technology from AuSIM.  AuSIM's positional 3D audio, the most accurate on the market, enhances identification and distinguishability of individual voice channels, alert signals, and other aurally displayed messages to dramatically increase user performance and efficiency ... LEARN MORE
Simulation-based Training Virtual Environment (VE) technology has emerged as one of the most promising new training tools.  While high-resolution graphical displays are important, a multi-sensory representation of an environment presents a much more convincing illusion, and the most significant factor in accurately presenting a sound field is the selection of aural cues, such as those provided by AuSIM3D®.  Systems can help train vehicle operators, equipment operators, firefighters, security personnel, war fighters ... LEARN MORE
Engineering Simulation Structural acoustics, architectural design, forensics, environmental acoustics, and many other fields have computed or pro­jected sound and noise effects for many years, usually generating in a numerical result.  But what does this mean to the customer?  Is 30dB down in the 5th octave really audible in the given context?  AuSIM3D® is the most advanced, real-time sound propagation engine using physics-based models.  ... LEARN MORE
Location-Based Entertainment Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) has been a major consumer market segment for centuries, as it includes spectator-oriented theatre (i.e. Shakespeare), participant-oriented group games (i.e. Capture the Flag) and carnivals, which mix spectating and participating.  The modern world has added great derivations to the LBE variety, including world fairs, theme parks, casinos, cinenma, mini-golf, laser tag, and arcades of all types.  ... LEARN MORE
Basic Research AuSIM provides the most flexible, expandable 3D audio simulation development systems for research in Psycho-Acoustics, Human Perception, Learning Processes, Performance Enhancement, Bio-Engineering, Immersive Environments, Telepresence ... LEARN MORE
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