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Transducer Array Calibration and Validation Software
AuSIM's CalVal software automates the calibration and subsequent validation of existing calibrations for multi-node loudspeaker and microphone systems.  Calibrations of arrayed transducers can be tedious, very time consuming, and often require additional instrumentation which must be removed for system use.  CalVal not only calibrates the system, but provides a validation procedure to ensure the transducer array remains in calibration over time. 
CalVal is a Matlab-based graphical application with I/O layers to hardware access to transducers.  CalVal has been installed on a system with over 600 loudspeakers and another system with more than 72 microphones. 

Recent installations:

  • Autumn 2009, Hampton, VA -- Exterior Effects Room (EER)
    NASA Langley Research Center's Structural Acoustics group relies on CalVal to keep the 31 loudspeakers and a dozen measurement microphones within specification. 

  • Summer 2009, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD -- Environment for Auditory Research (EAR)
    Army Research Laboratory (ARL) human performance research group (HRED) relies on CalVal to keep nearly 700 transducers within specification. 

  • Autumn 2008, Montreal, Canada -- Acoustic Measurement Microphone Array and Robot (AMMAR)
    McGill University's Music Technology Program commissioned the construction of a microphone array consisting of 72 microphone elements. 
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