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Location-Based Entertainment
Improving Content Delivery and Creating New and Immersive Experiences

Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) has been a major consumer market segment for centuries, as it includes spectator-oriented theatre (i.e. Shakespeare), participant-oriented group games (i.e. Capture the Flag) and carnivals, which mix spectating and participating.  The modern world has added great derivations to the LBE variety, including world fairs, theme parks, casinos, cinenma, mini-golf, laser tag, and arcades of all types. 
LBE is differentiated from home and personal entertainment by the fidelity that is a significant step above what an individual or family could afford in their own home.  Commercially, the market leverages broad-use, centralized control and maintenance, and multiple attractions to afford and deliver state-of-the-art technology, rotating current content, and the highest entertainment value.  AuSIM leaves home and personal entertainment to consumer-oriented companies, such as Microsoft, Sony, and Creative Labs both of which have large plays in the PC and console game market.  AuSIM identified LBE as a mission-critical market for two key differeniators:
  • LBE requires cutting-edge technology, something not available at home. 
  • Careers can depend on a single production. 

AuSIM's predecessing technology (AudioReality from Crystal River Engineering) has been a central feature in Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride virtual reality experience at Walt Disney's DisneyQuest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park in Orlando since 1995. 
AuSIM3Dtm technology delivers an extraordinary LBE first-person sound experience.  Its centralized service to multiple users, shared virtual environments, and the highest aural realism are key features.  In 2000, a revolutionary, interactive "experience", InTheMix, was presented at the SIGGRAPH Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.  ... LEARN MORE
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