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Human Experiment Research Software
PromptResponse facilitates an experiment technician to communicate remotely to a human subject in an isolated room.  Typically, human experiments present a human subject with a stimulus, while the subject is prompted for a response.  PromptResponse initiates a prompt of the subject and solicits a response. 
PromptResponse supports any type of stimulus (visual, aural, haptic, etc.), prompts the subject visually and/or aurally, samples sensors prior, during, and after stimulus, and solicits responses in a variety of methods, including verbal, gestural, or manual.  The PromptResponse software consists of three components: a server running on the subject's system, a client-library running on the experimenter's system, and a Matlab interface and test suite running on the experimenter's system.  PromptResponse runs on any MS Windows compatible platform and communicates over TCP/IP. 
Client Features
  • Master clock
  • Time stamp on every event
  • Full sensor support (trackers, encoders, buttons, digital/analog acquisition)
  • Blocking and non-blocking events
Server Features
  • Clock synchronization to client on every round-trip packet
  • Time stamp on every event
  • Full sensor support (trackers, encoders, buttons, digital/analog acquisition)
Prompt Packet
  • Client-side time-stamp
  • Prompt string to be displayed to subject
  • Prompt type
    • Yes/No
    • Multiple choice (text or image for each choice)
    • Indicator attitude (waits for indicator and returns all sensor data)
    • Instant attitude (immediately returns all sensor data)
  • Response indicators (list of allowable indicators)
    • Virtual Button on touchscreen
    • Physical Button
    • Keyboard key
    • Mouse Button
    • Voice Response
  • Data
Response Packet
  • Server-side time-stamp at receipt of prompt
  • Server-side time-stamp at trigger of response
  • Response indicator triggered
  • Sensor readings at prompt
  • Sensor readings at response
The client side initiates actions, while the server side responds to action requests.  The experiment technician typically pilots or oversees the client side, while the human subject interacts with the server. 
Recent installations:

  • Winter 2010, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD -- Environment for Auditory Research (EAR)
    Army Research Laboratory (ARL) human performance research group (HRED) relies on PromptResponse as the enabling technology of there human subject experiments.  PromptResponse communicates from any of five control room workstations or any visitor laptop to any of the three subject chairs, outfitted with sensors and touch tablets. 
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