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Basic Research
AuSIM has developed an intuitive and easy-to-use simulation environment that allows many users to conduct research in various fields pertaining to simulation, human perception, and others. Through the use of an Application Programming Interface (API), researchers can easily build their own simulation environments, create applications to conduct experiments, or use pre-existing tools to reproduce 3D sound. The API is available in C/C++, Java and Matlab.
Numerous AuSIM customers at research and academic institutions, government and industry partners have been using the tools available to perform studies requiring an accurate reproduction of spatial sound in an interactive environment. The following are some of the research topic areas currently using AuSIMís technology:
  Auditory Perception
  Human Performance
  Supernormal Listening
Acoustic Simulation
  Structural Acoustics
  Room Acoustics
  Acoustic Musical Instruments
Spatial Orientation
Data Display
Acoustic Measurement
Sound Spatialization
Medical Research
  Visual Impairment
  Patient Perception Simulation
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