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Glossary [M-O]
Terminology of Sound
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By absorbing sound energy at different frequencies, the material of which an object is made effects the way the sound reflects off and transmits through the object.  A carpeted room sounds very different from a glass room.  An object's material characteristics can be measured empirically by recording known sounds as they bounce off materials.
See "Atmospheric Absorption" and "Transmission Loss".
Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a standard control language that is used for communication between electronic music and effects devices.
Refers to a single audio signal, usually rendered on a single speaker.  Mono sounds appear to originate from the speaker, or from the center of a listener's head in the case of headphones
two speakers (left and right signal), placed near (within 25 inches) the user's ear
Open headphones
A distinction is made between Open headphones and Closed headphones.  With closed headphones, the ear is completely sealed off from outside noise (pressure chamber principle).  Typical features of closed headphones are the acoustically sealed housing and the ring-shaped (circumaural) pads that completely surround the ear.  The sealing around the ear has a decisive influence on the sound reproduction of closed headphones.
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